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Steve Rizzo’s New Book Is a Timeless, Entertaining Dialogue
for Living an Extraordinary Life!

“…an avalanche of bold, beautiful boulders of truth! I didn’t read it, I inhaled it.”

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Book Excerpts

Messages from the Book

We currently live in the United States of Entertainment, where the attention span of the average reader is minimal. Steve Rizzo has intuitively crafted an insightful book that strikes a balance between truth, humor, imagination and engaging narrative.

Who are they? Simply put…Bob is of your Higher Nature, where solutions to problems are revealed. Bernie resides in the Negative Zone, where problems get blown out of proportion and challenges turn into emotional havoc.

The conversations between the two will prompt you to start a dialogue between your own Inner Bob and your own Inner Bernie. Bernie’s negative thoughts and limiting beliefs mirror those of many of us, making his specific situations readily identifiable and the solutions to his plight universal.

Whoever your Inner Bob is, the trick is to engage in that dialogue rather than listening to the part of you that spews negativity, exploits your deep-rooted fears and toxic beliefs, and traps you in a constant state of turmoil.

The most important Life Lesson the author of this book learned is that “you become what you think about, day in and day out.” And when he finally learned how important that phrase was, his life began to transform dramatically for the better.


After enjoying the intertwining dialogue in this book, you will recognize opportunities disguised as barriers and employ practical strategies on how to tap into the universal laws that govern our lives.

If you’ve had enough struggles, if your life is lacking in some meaningful way, on any level, continue reading, my friend.

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“Conversations with Bob is a classic filled with life-changing lessons! The dialogue in this book will connect you to that which is greater than you (your Higher Nature). As you read this incredible tale of truth, at some point, you will see a reflection of yourself, and when that happens, know that Bob is smiling at you. This book will make you realize you truly are the Creator of your success and happiness.”

“I once said Knowledge is limited, Imagination encircles the world. If you embrace the dialogue in this book as it was intended (with your imagination), the truth it reveals will encircle your world with empowerment, faith, laughter, and love. Dang—I wish the author had been around when I was alive. The conversations we could have had…”

“When Steve Rizzo gave me this book to read, he said there were nuggets that would affect me in a most profound way. Well, Rizzo was wrong! DEAD WRONG! This book isn’t filled with nuggets; it’s filled with massive, run you over, knock you on your ass, slap you upside your head spiritual 2x4s, and an avalanche of bold, beautiful boulders of truth! I didn’t just read it, I inhaled it—more than a few times.”

“The subtitle of this book is spot on! It is ‘A Timeless, Entertaining Dialogue for Living an Extraordinary Life.’ All you need to do is connect and communicate with the part of you that brings out your best, your inner Bob. That’s what I always did, and look at me – I became an American icon!”